Adelante! Moving Forward!

Thanks to God and to our supporters, Crossing Borders (CB) just completed our second mission trip for 2023 across the border into Mexico. Last summer one of our Mexican pastor partners gave us the word “adelante”—which means to advance or go forward.  With God’s guidance and support from you, Crossing Borders continues to “go forward.”

This December trip was our 32nd in-person mission trip.  We continue to have unique, God-ordained experiences on each trip.  Here are some highlights from this recent trip:

  • Our U.S. partners supplied us with 650 shoebox gifts filled with much-needed and fun supplies for kids.  What a blessing it is to see the smiles of joy and hear the squeals of excitement of the kids when they open up the hand-delivered boxes.
  • Two of our CB lady alumni and another friend loaded up their minivan with over 100 shoebox gifts and made a 2000+ mile, several-day, round trip to deliver the gift boxes to our collection spot in Texas and then headed back home.  Talk about dedication!
  • Our partners also provided hand-made quilts and blankets for babies, as well as baby supplies such as powder, lotion, bibs and more.  We placed these supplies in hand-sewed cloth tote bags and presented them to mothers all during our trip.
  • Our team was invited to visit with a church we had not worked with previously.  The pastor, his wife and family, and all the members were an inspiration to our CB team.  They fed us a yummy home-cooked authentic Mexican breakfast, and their group prayer for us was filled with the touch of the Holy Spirit.  We were able to bless their children with shoebox gifts.
  • At one of our partner churches, CB repeated a “gift bag” experiment we had tried on last winter’s trip.  We sent them money in advance and they purchased toiletry supplies.  Our team brought with us toys, candy, knit caps, mirrors, coloring books, crayons, socks and other fun and useful items.  The church members and the CB team set up an assembly line and packed over 100 colorful gift bags, and those bags were given away (in the name of Jesus) the next day to neighborhood kids invited to a church outreach event.
  • At our other partner churches and children’s homes, we performed an original drama (with songs) that focused on the need for God to save mankind from our fallen ways.  “Jesus to the Rescue!” told of God’s unending love for all His created children, and how—no matter how many bad decisions mankind makes—God was/is determined to provide for our rescue in the coming of Jesus to our world.
  • To our various partners, we gave 200 copies of the gospel of John (bilingual: English and Spanish).  These can be used in evangelistic outreach, and can also help the readers learn some English, if they wish to.  We also provided 400 copies of a Bible storybook/coloringbook to be used for children’s education.
  • In 2012 CB built a house for a family in Nuevo Laredo (where we conduct our ministry work).  There was a mom, dad and three young kids.  We have visited this family on almost every trip since then, and have seen their conditions improve.  The daughter (who was about 9 years old in 2012) had a baby boy last June, and we were able to see and hold baby Hugo!  The mom, dad and grandparents were all very proud!  They have always referred to our CB team as their “American aunts and uncles”—as part of their family.
  • A couple years ago, CB U.S. donors enabled us to provide Pastor Fernando Herrera and his family a much-needed new (used) vehicle.  A couple months ago, another vehicle ran into them.  Thankfully, all were protected from bodily harm, but there was serious damage to their car.  Because of CB’s generous donors, we presented Pastor Fernando with enough funds to make the car repairs.  We also were able to financially help one of our partners with dental charges to get a broken molar tooth extracted and cared for.  Also to purchase some supplies for grocery bag gifts for needy families.  And to purchase a stock of needed household items for a children’s home.  And more…
  • As in past years, from the generous supply of shoebox gifts that CB supporters provide, some of the gifts are taken by our ministry partners to churches farther interior that are even poorer than the conditions we see at the border.  So God provides for the “reach” of the shoebox gifts to extend and be multiplied.
  • The CB team was blessed with quick, trouble-free crossings over the border, and with safety in our travels.  We were able to share God’s Good News with hundreds of kids and adults, and to provide some material blessings to those in need.
  • God willing, the CB team will be making our next trip in June 2024.  For details, check out our website: