Question:  I’ve heard on news reports that there is a lot of crime and danger over the Mexican border.  Will we be safe on our trips into Mexico?

Answer:  Yes, there is ongoing violence in varying areas on the Mexican border.   One important point we don’t normally hear on the national U.S. news is that tourists, business people and missionaries are not the focus of the violence.  The bulk of the violence is among and between factions of gangs, crime syndicates, illegal drug cartel members and the police—although some innocents occasionally get caught in the fray.  Of course, Crossing Borders uses wisdom and caution in our work in Mexico.  Our ministry functions will be with orphans, churches and families in public areas.  We maintain year-round contact with our Mexican ministry partners who are aware of the local situation and advise us how and where to work.  We will always travel and work in groups—never as individuals.  We will stay away from any known areas of violence, and we will spend each night on the U.S. side of the border at our base camp.

Question:  Why would I attend Crossing Borders instead of another mission camp program?

Answer:  There is room for many camps with different program priorities as many seek to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus.  At Crossing Borders, we focus on three aspects—all related to building relationship.  First, to help each participant discover and analyze their unique personal gifts, talents and heart in relation to their Christian service.  Second, to train each participant in practical ways they can apply their talents in outreach evangelism.  Third, to participate in hands-on servant evangelism in a foreign culture.  Rather than do only one type of project during camp, Crossing Borders participants (more so on the longer summer trip) will take advantage of a wide variety of ministry activities—a sort of “sampler camp” for missionary work.  Our prayer is that each participant will realize life-change—in their own life and in the lives of those we serve.

Question:  What kind of historical experience does Crossing Borders camp have?

Answer:  2006 was the inaugural year for this camp location and program—and it was a smashing success!  Since then, we’ve continued with our week-long summer camp and a shorter winter-time shoebox-gift ministry trip into Mexico.  Over the years, we have accumulated the benefit of much practical experience.

Question:  Is a passport required for our camp travels into Mexico?

 Answer:  YES, a Passport [Book] or a Passport Card is required for any travel into Mexico.  For more details about required documents, go to our “Travel” link.

Question:  Are any special medical shots or vaccinations required to enter Mexico?

Answer:  NO.