Alumni Project

For anyone who has attended Crossing Borders at least one time in the past, we may on some trips offer an optional “alumni project.” How is this different from our normal camp program?

The normal program schedule at Crossing Borders has our attendees participating in a wide range of mission activities during the week, such as drama skits, puppetry, food distribution, group feedings, visits to children’s homes, helping pastors with revivals, park ministry, etc. We refer to the normal program as our “sampler camp” of mission work. The intent is to expose the attendees to many different aspects of ministry work during the week, and this has proven to be quite successful.

However, for those who have previously participated in the sampler camp program, some alumni may wish to concentrate more specifically on a larger single project during the camp week. So we may provide a parallel track for some of the days in which alumni can tackle a project such as helping with construction or maintenance of a church building or other ministry facility, working directly with a pastor in planned outreach activities, assisting with a children’s teaching program, or some other activity.

This would apply only on the longer trips, and would be offered as need and desire match up. We wouldn’t know the specific project available each year until we get close to the time of camp, because we’ll be teaming up with whatever local need is most pressing at the time. There may be an additional charge (estimate of $100) for this alumni project to help cover costs of project supplies. We’ll finalize the cost once the specific project is decided.

Crossing Borders alumni are not automatically assigned to the alumni project. Our assumption is that all camp attendees will be participating in the normal “sampler camp” program. So if you are considering participation in the alumni project, let the camp director know (can e-mail to or call 903-746-4463) and we’ll keep you informed about project plans.