Travel Info

Summer Trip:  The first activity is 6 pm on Saturday and we end the next Sunday at noon.

Winter trip:  The first activity is 6 pm on Friday and we end mid-morning on Monday.

After we end our mission activities, it is still a 3-hour drive to the airport, so please plan your flights and other travel arrangements as outlined below.

If you plan to drive to the camp, go to the “Location & Directions” link to get driving directions.  Plan to arrive at camp between 1 pm and 5 pm on Saturday for summer trip or between 1 pm and 5 pm on Friday for the winter trip.  We recommend you plan to depart the camp no earlier than 10 am on the final day, to share the final morning with the Team.

If you’re flying to Texas for camp, the closest major airport is San Antonio International Airport (SAT).  You should be able to find a good selection of flights at market price in and out of SAT.

If flying into San Antonio, your flight needs to arrive on Saturday (for summer) or Friday (for winter) before 1 pm.  Your departure flight needs to leave on Sunday (summer) or Monday (winter) no earlier than 3:00 pm. 

Sometimes your best options for flights (due to cost savings or time schedule) require you to come in a day early or stay a day later.  Be sure to figure in the extra day’s cost for hotel and transport to your hotel.  We will coordinate plans with you to get you onto the Crossing Borders van to and from the camp. 

Contact:  Pedro Orduño, phone: 210-219-4307 or email:, for details.

Once you’ve been accepted to camp and as soon as you’ve made your travel arrangements, you’ll need to complete the Travel Plans form and return it to the camp at least two weeks before camp starts.

  Click Here to download Travel Plans Form

Is a passport required for our camp travels into Mexico?

Yes, a Passport or Passport Card is required for U.S. citizens to travel into Mexico.  These are two different documents, and you must have one or the other to cross the border.  Below are the differences, which may help you choose which one to use for yourself. [as of 2023]

A Passport [Book] (the document that has been used for decades) allows you to travel into most countries in the world, including Mexico.  If you think you may be traveling to countries outside of the immediate neighborhood of the U.S. in your future, you may want to get a passport book.  Cost runs about $165 for adults and $135 if under age 16.  Valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors.

A Passport Card is a document being offered as a less-expensive (but somewhat limited) alternative to a Passport book.  A Passport Card is not valid for air travel; is valid for land and sea; is fine for Crossing Borders land travel; it can be used for entry into only Mexico, Canada, Caribbean countries and Bermuda.  You can get a U.S. passport card for $65 dollars for adults and $50 if under age 16.   Valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors.

Here is the link for the U.S. Department of State website for more information.

In most towns, you can apply for either of these documents at the Post Office.  There may also be other places in your town to submit an application.

You must have either a Passport Book or a Passport Card to cross into Mexico.

Allow 8-11 weeks from date of application to receive a new Passport or Passport Card by “routine” processing.  You can pay extra for “expedited” processing. 

Don’t wait till the last minute to confirm proper travel documents.