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2022 Summer Mission Camp:

--July 14-18

2022 Winter Shoebox Trip:

--December 9-12

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"Mission of Reconnection"  by Lee Berger

Exciting news: Crossing Borders (CB) just completed its first in-person mission trip in two years!
Due to the Covid pandemic and border closings, we have been unable to have face-to-face contact with our across-border Mexico partners. During those two years, our CB Mission Team worked diligently to maintain digital contact with our border ministry associates. One of our long-time partners died from Covid, others almost died, and many lost family and congregation members. The churches in Mexico were ordered shut down for over a year, so the financial support of the pastors and their churches was greatly impacted. There was also a very destructive storm in 2021 that affected our border partners: it tore off roofs of houses and an orphanage, blew down security walls, and created water damage to many structures.

Thanks to financial gifts from many CB mission supporters, over the past two years Crossing Borders was able to assist with some of the greatest needs such as medical expenses, storm repairs, emergency funds for two children's homes, and church facility repairs and improvements. We were also able to purchase a dependable used car for an amazing pastor in severe need.

But digital connection (phone, text, Facebook Messenger) is not the same as in-person. The hearts of our CB mission Team ached for personal contact, and we were blessed by God to finally be able to spend several days crossing the border to visit all our Mexico partners. There were lots of hugs, recounting stories of the last two years, and good meals. We played with the orphans and fed them pizza, took tours of the damaged and rebuilt facilities, preached the Gospel at a church service, and shared hearts and smiles.

By scheduling time to ask questions and listen, we learned more about our partners on this trip than we did in all past trips combined. CB has over the years been a "mission of encouragement"—and that encouragement is shared both ways. As one of our partners said years ago: "If you came to see us and didn't bring any gifts at all with you, your presence alone would be worth your trip."

To all who support CB in prayer, financially, or with your presence, Muchas Gracias! Your heart to help others in need is a clear reflection of God's love and is inspiring and appreciated by all those CB is able to serve.

Plans for our next trip are still on the drawing board. Keep checking for the latest info at, or call or text Lee Berger at 903-746-4463.

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