Crossing Borders Mission:  “Crossing national, cultural and personal borders with the Good News of Jesus Christ”

Are you ready to step into a foreign culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  If you want to discover or expand your Christian growth in new and challenging ways, read on.

Crossing Borders is open to Christians and seekers of Jesus age 15 and up through all adult ages—so spread the word to your friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, and others.  (If someone under age 15 desires to attend, contact the camp for special consideration).  Our central focus is on all attendees growing in Jesus through hands-on mission outreach to a foreign culture.

Crossing Borders mission camp will provide space for pre-believers to find God’s face toward them, and we’ll help maturing Christians discover and strengthen their hearts for mission, explore styles and methods of outreach, and provide relevant application of their personal skills and spiritual gifts in living and sharing the gospel across cultures by participating in actual mission/outreach projects.

Crossing Borders is not designed to be comfortable; it is meant to be transformational.  The learning may stretch you, the camp facility is somewhat rustic, the temperatures will be hot and the days will be long.  But it will be worth it. 

If you are looking for new challenges to stimulate growth in your Christian walk, if you are ready to reach outside yourself and invest in the lives of others, if you can accept the challenge of operating in a foreign culture, and if you want to share your heart testimony with others who need to know Jesus . . . this camp may be just right for you.